Why Failing in life is good for you


Failing is one of the most demotivating things that can happen to anyone. I have failed many times in life and still failing. But now there is a difference, now I do not call it failing but I call it learning through mistakes.

I know what it feels like when you fail but I am here to tell you that it is not the end of your journey to success but just a hurdle in it. While failing is bad and demotivating for many people, it can prove to be good and motivating for you if you focus. 

Here are a few points that can change your perception towards failure a whole 180 degrees.

Focus on the Reasons

Failure is inevitable, you can’t avoid it no matter how hard you try. So, why to worry about a thing which you can’t really avoid. But what you can do is find the reasons behind it.

It is natural to feel bad on a failure because no one wants to fail intentionally, but it happens. Take your time and look for the reasons that actually cause the failure. If you need help, you can refer to the people who got success in the same thing. Compare to them, what exactly you did wrong?

Analyze the cause of your failure carefully and write down the points that you think you did wrong. It will help you to avoid those same mistakes again in the future. Focus on correcting those mistakes in your next attempt. If you follow this approach, your failures can prove good for you.

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Failure makes you courageous

When you fail and you bounce back, you learn that failure is not the end. Failure makes you courageous because until now you were avoiding risks because you didn’t want to fail which was stopping you from using your 100% potential. But now you are ready to take any risk because you knew failure is learning. 

Failure increases your chances of getting success because it makes you courageous and fearless.

“When you are not afraid of failing, you can do miracles”.

Failure helps you to discover better opportunities

When you fail, you are forced to discover new ways in order to succeed. Failure comes with tremendous learning, it means either the path you choose is incorrect or you made some mistakes.

Sometimes the opportunity that seems perfect to you is not that perfect and you realize it after failing in it. But the good thing is, in the process, you may even find a better opportunity that you never really looked upon. 

Failing in something simply means the path you choose is actually not correct and you have to reevaluate your plan. It simply means you need to change your path, not your destination. Failing is the ultimate learning that you should never avoid.

Failure makes you expert

An expert is not the person who only knows how to succeed. An expert is one who knows all the paths that lead to failure and then he chooses the path to success. Being an expert simply means you know everything about that one thing.

A person who knows only the paths that leads to success gets confused when he is exposed to the new paths and scenarios. He does not know if it is a right or wrong one, he is not able to take proper action. Your experience will give you an advantage in this situation. You are aware of all the paths, the paths that lead to success and also the paths that lead to the failures.

The more you fail, the more your experience grows. When you know what is a failure, your chances of getting success becomes higher than any other individual. Just keep learning from your failures.

Failure makes success worth

Success is not worth it if you don’t know what it’s like to fail. Remember the victory you get in your favorite game after failing several times. Do you ever think about why you feel most satisfied and happy at that time? You might be thinking it is because you won the game.

No, let me explain it to you. You have failed endless times, and every time you fail, you find a new and better way to overcome that obstacle. That feeling of happiness is the sign that you struggled for it a lot. 

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You know getting success is not easy. You get it after endless sacrifice and struggle and failure. There is no greater feeling than this because no one but only you know what it takes to succeed.

If at this moment of time you are struggling through something, I suggest, you are on the right path. Success is going to be sweeter and satisfying, just don’t give up. Every time you give up, you provide someone else an opportunity to succeed.

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