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11 Simple ways to get motivated that anyone can do

Motivation is driving fuel for all our actions. How we are going to spend our day is decided by how motivated we are today. Between all the work and chaos, sometimes it becomes really difficult to stay motivated. But with little effort and a positive mindset, we can get motivated in our day-to-day life.

These simple ways will charge you up and help you to stay motivated.

Stop Comparing Yourself

The biggest cause of demotivation is our habit of comparing ourselves with other people. Let me tell you, you don’t need to compare yourself with anyone. You are a completely different individual.

Instead of focusing on other people’s lives, focus on yours. Don’t work to prove them wrong, instead, always work to improve yourself only. When you work for yourself, your motivation is never lasting.

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Stop Overthinking

One of the major causes of demotivation is we keep thinking about what people think.

But in reality, these people are thinking about nothing. It is only you who keep thinking about negative things. When your mind is full of negative thoughts, it is really impossible to stay motivated.

Live with a positive mindset and stop assuming things that you actually don’t know. When the right time comes you will know, so stop overthinking it. Overthinking can never help you to get motivated.

Just get started things will follow

When you have a task to complete but you keep planning about it, but really never takes the action because you are afraid that you will not be able to complete it. It can demotivate you like nothing else and you can feel completely helpless.

Stop thinking too much about it. As long as you think it becomes harder and harder in your mind. Just start doing it as soon as you can. When you start doing it, you will find a lot of ways on which you were not focusing earlier.

When you completely get involved in working, you will start enjoying your work. There is no better way to get motivated than enjoying what you are doing.

Remove the distractions

Remember why you started

When you finally start something and continue doing the same thing for days, it is easier for you to distract. Our mind works in this way, it needs refreshment. But it is your responsibility to stop this refreshment from converting into a distraction. 

The best way to do this is by limiting your time on social media and youtube. Use them as refreshments, not distractions. What I personally prefer is taking a small break in every 45 minutes from work, where I check my phone or watch some videos on youtube for 15-20 minutes then start working again.

Get inspiration from outside

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try it seems impossible to get motivation from inside. Outside motivation can help in this case. Outside motivation simply means taking motivation from other people whom you know or admire.

The best way to execute this is by watching some motivational videos or reading some success stories. I will recommend googling your goals, you will find a lot of successful people in your field. Read about them, find out how they got success. You can learn a lot from it and get motivated to continue your efforts.

Think about your success story

Reading other success stories is not the only way to get motivated. Think about yours too.

Think about a time when you will achieve your goal. How will your life change then? Think about how you will write your success story. This will help you to get motivated and get on work. You are always motivated when your focus is on results.

Focus on solutions

Focus motivation

When you start working on something, it is always easier at the start. But as you move further, you will start facing problems and difficulties. Hell lot of them, that is enough to demotivate literally anyone. This is where the concept of Focus on Solution kicks in.

This is the situation where most people give up, simply because they are focusing on the problems instead of the solutions. If you want to get motivated, you have to do the opposite.

You have to focus on the solution. Instead of thinking why I cannot do it, think how can I do it. When your focus on the solution, motivation will follow.

Involve other people

It is always easier to get distracted and unmotivated when you are working alone. To solve this, involve more people in your goal. Communicate with like-minded people or people who are already working in your field.

Collaborate with them and take help from them actively. When you are working with a team, they will help you to get motivated in your bad times. A team is meant to work together. When you don’t feel like working but see your team working, you cannot stop yourself from working.

Keep thinking about it

With regular daily tasks and deadlines, it is easier to forget your actual goal. Your brain is very smart, if it thinks that a particular thing is not important at all, it will decrease its priority.

When you keep thinking about your goal, your brain treats it as a priority. You can’t forget a task on priority right?  To keep reminding your brain about your goal, you can set a reminder of it or print and stick posters related to it around you or ask a friend to remind you from time to time.

Break down goal

Achieving a goal successfully sometimes can be a long and tiring journey. When you are working for it since long but still observe yourself far away from it, you may feel demotivated.

The best way to get motivated in this situation is by breaking down your goal into smaller tasks. It will help you to achieve results in a short time period and we all love results right?

It will also help you to stay on the right track, you can analyze if the results are satisfactory or not and shape your next target accordingly.

Reward Yourself

A reward is the biggest motivating factor for all of us. As you have already broken down your goal into smaller tasks. Now reward yourself and your team(if you have any) whenever you completed a task successfully.

Buy a gadget or watch a movie or eat at a restaurant or go on a trip. Treat each task as a milestone and work for it. When you achieve it, reward yourself. This will help you to stay motivated and complete your work on or even before the deadline. 

Tell me in comments if you have some interesting ideas to get motivated. I would love to read.

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