Life Lessons to take from Avengers Endgame

As you are here, most of you have watched Avengers EndGame and are a big fan of it already. But, what you love the most in this movie?

It can be one of the biggest fights in the history of MCU between Avengers and Thanos or maybe superpowers the superheroes in Avengers have.

But you ever think while watching this movie that how these characters are giving you some serious life lesson. Russo brothers make sure that storyline should be as perfect as it can be, that can connect to the audience directly. Here is the list of some major life lessons to take from characters in Avengers.

Thanos actually make sense

While Thanos is the evil supervillain in the movie but what he actually wants is, to make this world a better place to live for all living creatures by reducing the total population into half to maintain the balance of people and resources to use.

At Thanos planet Titan, when the people of the planet ran out of the resources, the planet got completely destroyed. It is true for today’s world as well as we are using our resources at a very fast rate already and we may face a similar situation in the near future.

If we think calmly about Thanos idea of reducing the population into half so that remaining half can live longer and peacefully since then they have plenty of resources to use. In the end, his only aim is for the betterment of humankind because he has already seen what happened to his planet Titan when the resources got finished there.

Yet despite everything Thanos is evil as the road he chooses to achieve his goal is not the right way and only way to do that, of course converting half of the living creatures to dust is not the best solution to any problem. Also, we all want our superheroes, Avengers, to win this battle against mad Thanos.

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Iron Man is the real superhero

Many of you might disagree with me but take a read, I might change your view by the end of the article. So, you may have not been noticed but among all the characters in Avengers, Iron man is the one who has gone through the biggest change of heart, starting from first Iron man to Avengers Endgame, like a real superhero.

Iron man 1, the first movie from which all of this starts is the building block of Avengers storyline. In that movie, Tony Stark aka Iron Man is represented as a very self-centered and selfish man. A person who can do anything and everything to gain power and money and does not care to anything else, remember Stark industries.

While in the Avengers Endgame Tony aka Iron Man did something that shock all of us but quite predictable, as we all knew he is our favorite superhero after all. Tony is the only Avenger who has everything perfect even after the massive destruction by Thanos in Avengers Infinity War where he converts half of living creatures to dust, he has a wife and a beautiful daughter which makes them a happy and complete family and he is really happy spending quality time with his family.

But somewhere his heart is broken from inside because his friend Spiderman converted to dust in his arms in infinity war. But as we come at end of the movie we realize that Tony is the one who gives the biggest sacrifice from all of them, he left his family behind to bring back everyone and in the process he dies, unfortunately. He lost his own family to bring back everyone else’s family, which makes him the real and our favorite superhero.

Unity is a strength. . . when there are teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

We all know all the superheroes in Avengers are a family and they support each other back every single time. Avengers Endgame took their bonding to another level. The Movie left no space for us but to connect with every character in the movie.

A line by Captain America “Whatever it takes” describes the bonding between the characters as all of them come together again after losing their friends and family to bring back all those who was vanished by Thanos.

Previously Captain America tried to crack the quantum formula without Tony with the help of Hulk only but could not make it, ultimately Tony plays a key role in cracking the formula which shows that unity is the strength and it’s difficult to achieve things alone.

They agreed to work together even after their differences and losses after the infinity war to bring back everything to normal condition on the term ”Whatever it takes”.Avengers teaches us that unity is the only key to achieve your common goals.

Cheers to Avengers!!

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