New Year Resolution List

Effective ways to keep and stick to your new year’s resolution

With every year’s end comes the biggest responsibility of choosing a new year resolution. A new year is the ideal time of taking a resolution as another year is ending and along with it, you want to end all your bad experiences in the past and start fresh with this new year.

New Year Resolution List

Choosing a resolution is easy but the tricky part comes after it when we have to work on that resolution. Most people broke their resolution on the first day, week or month itself.

How to keep and stick with your new year’s resolution this time? What are you going to do different this time? Well, it’s not that hard as you thought but you just have to implement these simple techniques that can help you to keep and stick to your new year’s resolution this time.

Choose a realistic goal

Most of us choose an unrealistic goal as a new year’s resolution and fail to keep it and regret it later.

This time try to choose a realistic goal. By unrealistic goals, I do not mean that the goal is unachievable or impossible to get. But that is the final step of the ladder. To reach there you have to focus on the first step of the ladder first otherwise you won’t be able to reach on the top ever.

A realistic goal is the first step of that ladder. If your resolution is that first step. It is relatively easier to get and you will feel motivated to step further once you get it.

Take your time and think about what is your first ladder to reach the top?

Choose the correct path

Choosing the right goal isn’t enough, you have to plan for it. Choosing the correct path is the most important thing to reach your goal.

Most people never plan properly how are they going to achieve their goals. Avoid doing this mistake and plan properly before this new year arrives.

Think of it as a road and destination. You can never reach your destination if you haven’t taken the right path. The more accurate path you choose initially the faster you will reach the destination.

Conquer the hurdles

Every road has speed breakers and hence your path to your goal should also have hurdles. Hurdles are the problems that you will face when you start working towards your goal.

It can be laziness or lack of time or situations different than you expected. But remember you only slow down on speed breakers not stop there and give up on your destination.


Similarly, slow down and try to conquer the hurdles you are facing. Never give up because you are stronger than your problems and you have the right solution with you, you just need to find it.

Every time you solve a problem you will notice how close you are getting to your goal. Admire yourself for this progress and keep moving.

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Breakdown the goal

No matter how big or small your goal is but it is not easy to achieve that, that’s why we called it a resolution. If you keep focusing only on the final goal, sometime you will feel demotivated.

Breakdown your final task into smaller sub-tasks. Carefully analyze each sub-task and assign a specific duration to each sub-task. Now start working on these sub-tasks one after another. This way will help you to analyze and admire your success after achieving each task individually. It will make your final goal much easier and realistic.

For instance, suppose your new year’s resolution is to build a muscular body this year. This is a time taking process, it is not going to happen overnight. Breakdown this goal into small sub-tasks like you will not miss a single day in the gym for the next 2 months. This will develop a habit of not procrastinating things. The next step is to increase your exercise every week for 2 months. This will help you to push your limits. In the end, you will reach your final goal while focusing on smaller goals.

Hrithik in gym

Build your network

The world is big!! When you start working towards your goal you will meet a lot of people in the path who has the same goals or the same thoughts as you have. Build a network with them because these are the people that will help you in achieving your goal.

Unity is a strength. When you unite with like-minded people, your thoughts will expand, you can ask for recommendations and help others whenever needed and you can expect the same from them.

You can learn a lot of new and exciting things from them which might take you to a bigger and better goal you can never think of or on your own.

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Choose a role model

Choosing the right role model is very important to achieve your goals. By choosing the right role model you can study their success and it can help you to decide the right path for you. They can inspire you on your journey.

Whenever you feel like quitting or giving up, think about your role models. If they had quit like you they can never achieve the position they are in today. If you really want to be like them, quitting should not be an option for you.

Whenever your role model achieves something greater, you feel more inspired as you know one day you will reach that position too. Choosing the right role model can help you to stay motivated and work harder for your goal. It will help you to keep and stick to your new year’s resolution.

If your resolution is about joining the gym, choose a person who got success in the gym. If you want to be an actor, choose an actor who became successful after struggling a lot. Choose a person who is already successful in your area of interest.

Reward yourself

If you are following the steps till now, you should have breakdown your major goal into small sub-tasks. But a long list of sub-tasks to reach your ultimate goal can make you lazy and divert you from your path.

To avoid this situation reward yourself after successful completion of each sub-task. When you got a reward, you feel motivated and inspired. Rewards can be anything from eating in your favorite restaurant to watching a movie in a theatre or visiting your favorite place.

These rewards will make you happy from inside and when you are happy, no one can stop you from achieving your goals.

Let’s make this year different, let’s keep and stick to our new year’s resolution this time and change our life for good and better.

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