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How to identify a true friend in this big world

Friends are the most important ingredients in the recipe of life. True friendship is what all of us are seeking. But we meet with so many people daily that it is hard to identify a true friend in this big world.

This struggle becomes even harder with the influence of social media these days. With so many friends on Facebook and other platforms, we often face a similar question. How to identify a true friend from a big crowd.

This article will help you to identify those true gems for life whom you can rely on for everything and anything.

They never let you do stupid things alone

There are two types of people you will ever meet in your life. One who scold you or behave awkwardly when you do stupid things and one who joins you in your stupidity. A true friend is your partner in crime.

Kids making weird faces

When you pose those weird faces for a picture or when you do stupid dance in public. Your true friends are the ones who instead of stopping you, join you and cheer for you. Sometimes they even become weirder than you.

They don’t judge you

Fear of getting judged is real. But people judge us because they don’t know the real us. Your true friends won’t judge you ever. They know exactly who you are and they admire it and respect it.

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” Elbert Hubbard

If your friends listen to your every story with patience without judging you, you already found true friendship.

They understand you

With no doubt, a true friend is one who understands you. When you are not able to visit them on their birthdays or you miss a casual meeting or not able to pick their call for a reason, they understand a person can be busy with his life and career. They understand your situation and support you at every stage of life.

A true friend is one who is always just a call away. They support you in your bad days and cheer with you in your good times.

They stay in touch

It is easier to stay in touch when you meet daily, but anything is not permanent. People move out of the city and it is when things got tough and a true friendship gets judged.

Many people will call you only when you upload a nice picture or when they need something from you. But your true friends will stay in touch with you always. They are genuinely interested in listening to your story and to know what is going on in your life.

You guys know everything about each other. A true friend never let you feel alone.

They help you to stay on the right track

You will get a lot of opportunities in life where you have to make some hard choices. Fake friends will always support you in your decision whether you are right or not, and will blame you when the result turned out negative. To identify a true friend you need to avoid people like these.

Your true friend will help you stay on the right track. They will stop you from making the wrong decision and help you to choose the right one. Even when things turned a bit different as expected, they’ll share the blame with you. They always have your back.

They can be trusted

A true friend is one whom you can trust blindly with all your life secrets. Your true friend knows all your secrets that can ruin your life. But you know your secrets are safe with them.

While fake one cannot be trusted. They can gossip about your secrets and make fun of you behind your back.

They are supportive, not jealous

Mostly when we start a friendship with the people, we are on the same level. But as life moves further some will get success earlier than others and this is where friendship gets tested.

Friends tracking

Notice the people who are getting jealous of your success and the ones who are supporting you. This is the easiest way to identify a true friend.

Your true friend is super supportive of your success and celebrates with you. He will cheer you up and motivate you to achieve further.

You are super comfortable with them

There are some people in everyone’s lives around which we feel super comfortable. While talking to your true friend you don’t have to think twice. You don’t have to think if they will get offended by something.

To catch up with them you just have to grab a beer and ring their doorbell. You roam around in their house as your own. True friends are super comfortable around each other.

You guys never run out of topic

While you have to think about the topic to talk with other people, you never run out of topics with your true friend. You guys have so many inside jokes that no one else can understand and it is really difficult to keep track of time while you are with them. 

You guys have spent so much time together, that every place or activity remind you of them.

They will fight with you not behind you

Differences are common in every relationship, especially when it comes to friendship. A true friend is one who does not let these differences grow. He will shout at you or fight with you to clear the misunderstanding between you two.

A difference in opinion or misunderstanding will never cost you friendship. No matter how much they will fight with you but they will always hold your back in public. They will never let you down in public.

They make the friendship a priority

As we move further in life, it becomes difficult to call or message friends daily. But every relationship has its own importance, so does friendship. Commitment, marriage, kids all these things play an important role in our life but unfortunately, it will make us busy. It becomes difficult to stay in touch with these many responsibilities. 

But a true friend will make your friendship a priority. They will find time from their busy schedule for you. You don’t have to chase them for your friendship. A true friend values every relationship and it includes friendship too.

They will help you grounded

A true friend will remind you of your roots when success hits you. They’ll never let your head get oversized. They knew you before success, they know what type of person you were. They will identify the changes in your behavior before you do. 

True friends will support you in your success but at the same time not let that success divert you. They remind you what type of person you were before success.

They are like family

You have a lot of friends in life but your family does not know them all. True friends are those, whom all your family knows. They treat your parents as their parents and your parents like them too.

They are involved in every family function of yours and also help you in tough times. A true friend is a brother from another mother. True friends treat each other families like their own families.

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