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Emraan Hashmi is the real motivational speaker

This title may sound strange to you but this is what I observed from past 41 movies(approx) of Emraan Hashmi. Two things are most common in his movies that are incredible songs which will force you to fall in love with and the second is his dialogues in his movies that are so powerful and really meaningful if you look into it that it will inspire you in your career and putting that extra effort to achieve the impossible. Emraan Hashmi mostly played almost psycho roles in all of his movies who is crazy about achieving a goal in his life, that comes with some great and powerful dialogues.

Here is the list of such powerful and meaningful dialogues:-

Exam only checks your memory, not your knowledge and society does not accept people who fail. But exam is not the everything in life, it’s alright if you fail in one or two, you have more potential within you to achieve something even greater.

I don’t want to watch rich people living their life on television, television which I got as Diwali bonus.  Instead, work hard and be so successful that people will watch you. Don’t waste time watching others. Because those people are living their life but here, you are still struggling.

There is a famous quote “If you born poor it is not your mistake but if you die poor it is your mistake”.This dialogue is just simplifying this quote. It doesn’t matter how poor you were, the only thing matter is how successful you gonna be, how hard you try to achieve that goal of yours.

Be limitless!!

People who stay in their limits(positively) can never achieve anything new as they start living in their comfort zone and at a point of time it is really really hard to come out of that comfort zone. You always need to break your limit to achieve newer and bigger objectives.

Leave no path unexplored when it comes to achieving your ultimate goal. Because the path to success is never straight and easy. Try every path that you can to achieve your ultimate goal no matter how difficult it is because the paths less traveled often lead to a beautiful destination.

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Never think too much!!

Just go after it what you want without thinking too much because sometimes overthinking is the only obstacle in achieving your objective. The more you think the more it seems impossible to get it. Go get it, whether it is your goal or a girl or following your passion. Just do it.

People will make their own life but you focus on heaven. People around you always focus on small things and tell you that it is impossible to achieve bigger things in life or bigger things is not for us, we are small people. But you should always believe in your dreams and your goals. Because every rich person is once poor. It just takes the right opportunity and at the right time to turn around your luck.

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