Success is happiness

Real Definition of Success That No One Tell You

Everyone is working hard to achieve success. But, what is success? What is the real definition of success? What is this success you are working for?

Different people have different definitions of success. Success is something that does not have any particular definition. Meaning of success is different for different people. The definition of success for you is completely different than your boss or your driver or cook.

Read these definitions of success and choose what best fits for you. Choose your definition of success and start working now to achieve that.

Success is happiness

This is probably the simplest and true definition of success. Success is not a very complicated thing to understand rather it’s really simple. If you are happy you are successful from more than 50% of people already.

Success is happiness

Learn to stay happy in every situation. If you are sad that you cannot afford those branded shoes or clothes today, remember there are people who are not able to afford proper food today. There are people out there for whom the definition of success is living a lifestyle like yours.

If your soul is happy you are successful.

Success is the freedom to live your life as the great big fat adventure

Your life is your biggest blessing. Life is like a roller coaster ride. Sometimes you are on top of clouds while sometimes you hit the bottom.

Quote on Adventure

Enjoy your life as the great big fat adventure, live each moment of it. Start enjoying every little thing around you, start taking care of your friends and family. Accept every difficulty that comes in between, just keep going never stops.

If you have this attitude toward life you are successful.

Success is your ability to help others

Blessings are one of the most powerful things in the world. A helping hand always come with blessings. Help people who are behind you to achieve their success. When you help others to achieve their success, you automatically start moving towards your success.

Helping others

If you can help others in any way that can improve their lives or solve their problem or make them happy, you are successful.

Success is being able to support my family

For an individual family is one of the most supporting and motivating factors. We all do hard work day and night to support our families. If you can afford a good school/college for your children, if you can take care of your old parents, if you are able to complete your family needs, you are successful.

Remember I said needs not wants, wants are greed that can never end.

Happy Home quote

Support does not always mean financially. Your family needs your time too. Spent time with them because these are the moments that calm your mind and makes you happy. Success is when you are there when your friends and family needed you the most.

Success means working toward my dreams

For you, success can be buying that expensive car or a big house in a good locality. Visiting your favorite country or destination can be considered as a success.

Girl driving car

As long as you keep moving in the right direction you are successful. One day you will achieve your dreams and your success.

Success is always about trying your best

Many people misinterpret success as the final result. But it is completely wrong. As long as you are trying your best you are successful, except for the fact that you get results or not.

Quote on trying

Working without thinking about the result is called success. Success is all about giving your 100%, either you achieve the results or you learn how to achieve the results. Either way, you win. Success is not about how rich you get but how many obstacles you have overcome while trying to succeed.

Success is being able to look at my life during any given second and know if it were to end today I would be completely and utterly satisfied

If you are able to live and enjoy your life as there is no tomorrow, you are successful. Never ever get sad thinking about the future, always do what your heart wants to do because anyhow you cannot control your future completely even if you wish to.

Satisfied life quote

Accept the truth that life comes with no guarantee of tomorrow. Live in the moment and enjoy what you have today, tomorrow may never come. If you are satisfied with your life at this moment now, you are successful.

Success is loving what you do

Whatever you do, do it with all your heart and soul. Put your everything in anything you do, that is the secret of success.

Working without passion is a waste of time and energy. Loving what you do can not only give you magical results but also makes you happier and more satisfied in life.

Love Work Hard Work Quote

Whatever you do, do it passionately and success will follow.

Success is the satisfaction of your clients

No matter which industry you are in, you have clients or audience for whom you are working. The satisfied your client or audience is, the more success you’ll get.

If you are an employee of a company, your clients are for whom you are providing your services or if you own a store or shop your customers are your client. If you are an actor/artist your audience is your client. True success is when you get an appreciation for your work, it can make you happy and motivate you to work even harder.

Jeff Bezos quote on client satisfaction

Work for the satisfaction of clients the success will follow.

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