Do one thing everyday that scares you

Want to change your life? Do these 7 simple things

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Change is the only constant thing in the world. Sometimes things change for good but sometimes we do not want them to change.

Sometimes we eagerly wait for the things to change while sometimes we want to stop this change at any cost.

You cannot control the change completely but what you can do is to divert it into the right direction. Your actions bring changes in your life and you can control your actions hence you can control the changes.

If you are not happy with your life right now, let’s accept the truth that you are here in this situation because of your actions. Now is the time to change your actions so that your life can change for good.

Now, the question arises how will you do that? What are the right actions that will bring the right changes in your life?

I have prepared a list of such actions that can help you to change your life for good and take you to the road of success and happiness.

Change your habits now

One of the biggest reasons for your situation is your habits. You do not have proper control over your habits. Changing habits can bring big changes in life.

People complain that they do not have enough time to change their life. It’s just an excuse for the habit of wasting time. Time is the most valuable thing, those who do not value it, never get it enough.

Good habits can make you millionaire while a bad one can make you broke. I know it is easier said than done. It is a time taking process but you need to start early or that time will never start.

Get a notepad and list down all the habits that are bad according to you. Now prioritize them according to the bad impact of them in your life. Now start conquering them one at a time. Go with your pace, change them to change your life and make it better.

You might fail sometimes but never ever give up. Remember good things take time, so that good habits. 

Increase your self-confidence

Everything is interconnected. When you have good habits, you are positive towards life and positivity brings confidence in you.

Confidence makes your personality. If you are not confident enough, it can reflect in your personality easily. Finding you weak people can take advantage of you, can manipulate you or can destroy you completely.

If you have lack of confidence this is high time to change it to change your life. It’s not that hard just you have to make up your brain. Believe me, it is easier than the first point(Changing Habits).

Whenever you feel like lack of confidence start thinking about what worse can happen and how it can impact you. This master strategy can help you to regain your self-confidence quickly.

If you are in a job interview and you have zero confidence that you can crack it, believe me, it will never crack, no matter how hard you try. Negative confidence can never get a positive result for you. Apply your strategy here, what worse can happen you will not get that job. So what? There are plenty of other and better jobs out there. Sit with positive confidence that can only help you to crack it.

Stop thinking about what people may think, they will anyhow. Mistakes happen with everyone, it is human nature. People admire those who have enough self-confidence to face everyone in any situation.

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Identify your true friends

Your 1000 Instagram followers, 500 Facebook friends, and 300 Whatsapp contacts are not your true friends. True friends are those whom you can count on for anything and anytime.

Hard times will always reveal true friends

If you have not identified those true gems yet then you have to work on it. Narrow down your friend list and identify those true friends for life. True friends not only help you emotionally but also help you to achieve your goals.

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

If you want to change your life and improve it, change your friend circle. Start spending time with like-minded people. People that can help you grow, that can challenge you to become a better version of yourself.

Conquer your fears

Each and every individual has their fears. It is natural and there is nothing wrong with this. Fear helps you to keep you safe. But excess of fear can harm you.

Conquer your fears that you think are stopping you in achieving the success you deserve. That fear can be different for different people, completely based on your behavior and attitude. Here I am listing such common fears that can be the hurdles in your road to success.

  1. Public Speaking
  2. Fear to get fail
  3. Fear of being left out in a group
  4. Fear of talking in a group
  5. Fear in talking to a stranger

There are high chances that you can relate to one or more of them. Even if you fear is not in the list no one knows you better than yourself. List down all the fears that are stopping you in living a happy life. 

Start conquering your fears one by one. No matter how afraid you are, try it once. Once you tried, you’ll see it is not that difficult as you thought it would be. Keep doing that whenever you get a chance, you will notice that life will start changing for good.

Stop worrying about future

Today we are working so hard so that we can afford the lifestyle we always wish for. But what we forget is everything comes with a cost.

When you get old, you will not remember the days you were working but the days you really enjoyed. The moments that made your soul happy, the moments we all live for.

Human nature is being emotional and this is what makes us different from other living creatures. Enjoy every moment while you can. Eat tasty food, spent time with nature, help the needy people, take a solo trip and explore yourself more, make new friends, laugh till you cry, dance till you drop, spend time with your hobby, spent time with family and friends that really matter.

Basic idea is to start enjoying small things in life, this can change your life completely. Do anything that makes your soul happy, stop worrying about the future for a while. Take lessons from the past, enjoy the present, plan for the future.

Try new things once in a while

We are afraid of trying new things because we are afraid of change. We are afraid of unexpected results. But what if the results are far better than you expected.

Trying new things in life can increase your self-confidence, makes you happy and motivates you in life. I will recommend everyone a period of three months. Think about your past three months, are you living that routine life only in which nothing is new or you tried something new stepping out of your comfort zone.

In my case, I have this fear of dancing in public, so I joined dance classes previous month now I dance with 50 other people. I was afraid like hell in my first class, barely able to move my feet but when you try things start happening. I am really proud that I made that decision. It changed my life or at least my weekends completely. What new you did in the past three months?

Do one thing everyday that scares you

When I say new it is not always about taking big steps, new can be any small thing that you have never tried before in your life. It can be as simple as tasting a new dish that you usually hate or joining a hobby class or strike conversation to a completely random person. These small things bring happiness to your life.

Give yourself time

This is the generation that wants instant results for everything. No one has time for anything, we all are in a hurry.

A hurry of reaching the office, hurry to get rich, hurry to find love, hurry to everything. But things do not work this way. The most important person for you is you. Spend some time with yourself. Self introspect and try to talk to yourself once in a while.

When you talk to yourself daily 5-10 minutes, you are able to clear your mind about a lot of things. Prioritize things according to you, build a road map and then take action. When your mind is calm you can do wonders.

Change your life by changing your mindset. Settle for a while and realize where life is taking you. Are you on the right path or some corrections are needed? Are you happy with your current situation or you want to change something?

Ask yourself these questions and you can change your life 180 degrees.

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