Asking Questions

How to ask the right question at the right time

Asking Questions

The key to success is hidden in the right questions rather than right answers.

Sometimes we have a rough question in our mind but are not able to frame it properly to ask. Hence we ask an unclear question and then does not get satisfied by the answer we get.

How to ask the right questions

Asking the right questions requires clarity in your mind. If you are confused with your question itself, you are not able to get your desired answer ever. These steps will help you to clear your head so frame the question perfectly so that you can ask the right question.

Listen to other people first

Sometimes what happens is we prepare a question in our mind and start waiting for the right moment to ask. This is not the wrong strategy but the problem with this is we are so desperate in finding the right moment that we stop listening to what the other person is saying. Hence what happens is sometimes the person has answered your question already but you haven’t listen because you are preparing your question in your head.

Prepare questions in your head but never stop listening to what the other person is saying. Most of the time our question has been answered already. In this way, you can stop yourself from asking the wrong questions.

Ask detailed questions

Not only detailed answers but detailed questions are also valuable. If you ask short questions which can be answered in yes or no. Other people would never show interest in elaborating it and simply answer in one word and move on.

Ask more detailed questions that include “why”, “what”, “when”, “how” in it. This way the person is forced to give you a detailed answer and you can get the answer that you desired for.

Ask at the right moment

Asking at the right moment is equally important as asking the right question. Always ask a question related to the current topic only. If you ask a question about a topic that has already been discussed, it will divert the speaker from the current topic.

Also, avoid asking questions on that topic that are remaining to discuss. You never know what the speaker has to discuss that topic. In that case, your question is considered as a wrong question.

Dig Deeper

If you want to be different from the crowd ask questions that others cannot ask. Dig deeper into the current topic and ask a more meaningful question.

In an interview the CEO of a very big company said, whenever I meet with my employees everyone asks me for promotions or raise in salary. They are happy with a slight increase in salary. No one asks me about business, how are they contributing to the business or how they can learn business strategies from me.

Asking a different question can not help you in achieving great things in life but also help you to stand outside the crowd.

Think from the speaker’s mind 

Right questions come into mind when you start thinking from the speaker’s mind, the person you want to ask questions from. Think about the person’s interest what type of answers he can be interested to give.

Put yourself in your speaker’s shoes, automatically you are able to frame the right question. Now just find the right time to ask your perfect question.

If you keep thinking from your side, the question that is perfect for you might not be so perfect for another person.

Don’t hurry and don’t wait

This might seems to contradict but this is key to finding the right moment to ask questions.

Do not hurry to ask questions. Never try to interrupt the speaker by your question in the middle of a topic. This can definitely feel annoying to him. Always let him complete his words than ask your question regarding the current topic.

Also, don’t wait too long for your turn. If you are in group you might have to wait as other people are asking their questions. But find the right moment in between and ask your question. In this process keep listening to other people question and answers too, there are chances that other people already raised a similar question to yours. Repeating questions in never a good idea.

Also when the speaker is answering your question never interrupt him in between, even when the answer is not according to your expectations. It makes him feel that you are not interested in listening to what he has to say. Listen first carefully and then ask your question accordingly.

Remember asking the right questions needs practice. Practice day by day and you will start asking questions that other people can’t even think of. Just remember one thing, the perfect answer requires the perfect question.

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