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7 Ultimate New Year’s resolutions 2020 to improve your life

The New Year is approaching and we all are excited to welcome 2020. But it is also that time of year when we have to choose a suitable new year resolution for us. A resolution that will help us to improve ourselves and took us to the road of success.

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Most often we are confused between so many things and end up choosing a wrong or impossible resolution for us. There are so many things that we want to improve in our life but practically it is not possible to change everything overnight. If you choose a resolution to change yourself completely this year, you will end up breaking that resolution this year too.

Let’s focus on one or max two goals at a time as a new year resolution. This list will help you to clear your confusion and choose the new year resolution that will help you to achieve success in life.

Join Gym

This is the most common and widely popular resolution among youths all over the world. But the reality is, it is also the resolution that breaks the most.

We all want to get in shape and remain healthy, hence joining a gym is the most favorite resolution. But most of us break this resolution in the first month itself because it is not that easy, it requires a strong dedication and discipline.

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On the first day of the new year, we are all excited and sign up for a gym membership, continue for a week or two then stop. Joining a gym is easier than continuing it. Let’s take a smart resolution this year. Instead of just joining a gym, your resolution should be joining and continue the gym.

Stop wasting Time

Time is one of the most precious things you have and we all waste our time unknowingly or unintentionally. If you want to do something greater in life you have to start utilizing your time more wisely.

Stop wasting time doesn’t mean stop having fun but it is about proper time management. Manage a proper schedule for all your daily work and stick to it. Limit the time you spend playing games or watching TV or sleeping or scrolling social media.

This resolution will help you to make you realize that you are spending more than the required time on the activities that are not going to help you in your career. If you want to get success in life this resolution should be in your priority list this year.

Stop Wasting Money

Lack of money is a big problem in modern society. With so many options and lucrative deals available in the market every day, we often buy things that we regret later. We buy things we don’t really need just because of some lucrative deal or because it provides us temporary happiness.

If you have this habit of wasting money unnecessary than this resolution is for you. It can save you a huge amount of money when you look back. Understand the difference between want and need. Take a resolution this year that you will shop only for the things you need and not for the things you want.

Wants are never-ending but needs are limited.

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Give up an addiction

When we talk about addiction, only smoking and drinking pops up in our mind. But, In reality, addiction can be of so many different types.

Excess use of social media is one trending addiction these days. It can waste your precious time on a daily basis. Addiction can be of playing games, watching Youtube or Netflix or anything that is not beneficial for you. In reality excess of anything comes under addiction. List down all the habits that you are addicted to.

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If you think about giving up all these addictions simultaneously, you will end up breaking this resolution in few days only. Choose one such habit at a single time and conquer it.

I am not covering here since this article is not about that. But giving up at least one addiction should be in your new year’s resolution list this year to help you improve yourself.

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Earn more Money

We all want to earn plenty of money to improve our lifestyle. But we are too lazy to work for it. Earning more money isn’t about becoming a millionaire or billionaire overnight.

Here we are talking about earning some extra money or getting a hike or promotion at the job this year  The motive is to not end this year with the same income from which you started the year.

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You can choose a part-time job for it or work as a freelancer in your free time or use the internet to generate money or simply work extra at your job to get a hike or promotion. Just choose and start one such thing this year to earn some extra money.

Learn a new skill

No matter how expert you are in your field but learning a new skill is never a bad idea. Learning new things is the best exercise for the brain. When you become an expert in one field and you continue to do it for years your brain becomes lazy because it is not learning something new.

If you are a computer engineer learn a new computer language if you are a dancer learn a new dance form. Like I am a blogger and I am will learn digital marketing this year.

Like gyming is for the body, learning is for the brain. Never stop learning new things. If you are out of options just learn a new language this time. Learning a new skill should be a mandatory new year resolution.

Change your bad habits

Habits play an important role in our lives. It can be good or bad. Work on your bad habits this year. It is difficult to change habits overnight, changing a habit requires time and patience. This makes it a perfect New Year’s resolution.

Since you have a whole year in front of you, there is plenty of time to work on your bad habits. Bad habits can be anything that harms you and the people around you.

Excess sleeping, being unpunctual, eating excess junk food, procrastinating things. This all comes under bad habits. Get rid of your bad habits this New Year.

I hope you will see changing yourself this year. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

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